At JDA, our core business is Hydrology.

Be it surface water or groundwater, urban, rural or mining, JDA staff are highly experienced experts in their field who are constantly contributing to the ongoing
development of our industry. Usually these key specialists bring more than 10 years' experience in their field.

Urban hydrology forms a large component of what we do. Our clients rely on JDA to provide the optimal solution to their water management challenges and
obtain approvals to keep their developments on track. JDA is a Western Australia leader in Water Sensitive Urban Design and the Better Urban Water Management
framework. Principal and Managing Director Dr. Jim Davies is an active contributor to the Urban Water Committee of UDIA WA and is Chair of the
Stormwater Industry Association of WA.

Surface water hydrology is an area of strength at JDA, with significant staff experience and training. We assess and manage runoff from catchments using
tools such as catchment models, flood frequency analysis and resource assessment. These can be used to manage water volumes, flows and related issues
such as erosion.

Hydraulic flood modelling in both 1D and 2D spatial environments is used at JDA to provide flood mapping and management for the design of urban, rural
or mining projects. The application of direct rainfall to a 2D topographic grid provides detailed information about flows, flood depths and peak water levels
across the project area.

Hydrogeology covers urban, rural and mining environments for JDA, be it groundwater mapping for an urban development, groundwater resource assessment
for mining or a rural client, groundwater modelling to assess the impact of system change, subsoil design or supervision, analysis and reporting of construction
and pump testing of abstraction bores.
Limnology is the study of lakes, wetlands and other water bodies particularly for physical, chemical and biological attributes. At JDA we can assess the health
of water bodies, including the risk of detrimental conditions, perform modelling to simulate chemical and biological processes and provide management

Hydrography is the measurement of surface water, groundwater and meteorology. The JDA hydrography team are experts in the design of monitoring networks
and infrastructure, and can provide continuous and instantaneous water level and flow monitoring, water quality sampling and data analysis.

Research – whether it be the development of a new infiltration model (INFIL), an alternative regional flood frequency method for the Pilbara, or presentation
of papers at industry conferences, JDA are at the forefront of hydrology research.

Recent Awards

  • Envirodevelopment Chairman’s Choice for Bushmead, 2018. (UDIA, WA).

  • Environmental Excellence for Honeywood, 2017. (UDIA WA)

  • Masterplanned Development Award for Vale, 2016. (UDIA WA)

  • Environmental Excellence for The Glades at Byford, 2015. (UDIA WA)

For a comprehensive list of our awards, visit our Awards page.